Interpadres Day 2015

On 24 October 2015, PAIS held our annual Interpadres Sports Day. Interpadres Day is important to the PAIS community as it is a chance for PAIS students, parents and faculty to get to know one another better in a more relaxed setting, while playing sports and having fun. Fathers and sons teamed up to face off against each other on the soccer field, while mother and daughter teams competed on the volleyball court. The weather was fantastic, and after the competition ended everyone enjoyed a laugh and some good conversation over an ice-cold soft-drink and some tasty hamburgers.
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Spelling Bee 2015


Although children in the United States participate in spelling bees throughout their elementary school years, many people born in other countries are unfamiliar with the term. A spelling bee is a competition between students, to determine who is the best at spelling difficult (and often tricky) words in English. Spelling in English is difficult for several reasons. The fact that there are different ways to spell the same sound, words which are spelled the same and pronounced differently and words that sound the same and are spelled differently, makes a spelling bee the challenge that it is. Each year the SEK School hosts a spelling bee, and this year eight schools participated. And once again, the students of PAIS represented our school brilliantly, medaling in 5 out of 7 grade levels! We applaud all of our students who diligently prepared for and participated in the spelling bee. And we are especially proud of our winners:


  • Grade 2:  Oliver Von Schmeling 3rd Place
  • Grade 4: Carim Cibils 1st Place
  • Grade 5: Aline Romero 2nd Place
  • Grade 6: Eric De Barath 3rd Place
  • Grade 6: Matias Noguera 4th Place
  • Grade 7:  Caia Cibils 1st Place


We congratulate our students for a job well done! We are also proud of their teachers, whose hard work and effort is reflected in these students’ achievements.

OMAPA Kangaroo

Congratulations to our OMAPA Kangaroo Olympic Medalist Winner!

May 13-14-15, 2013

Due to the Mothers Day/Independance Day Holidays and the closure of most schools there will be no classes at PAIS on Monday, May 13th

Spelling Bee 2012

PAIS started the year off with their annual spelling bee. Students in grades 2-7 studied word lists and then competed against classmates for one of three spots to represent our school at the SEK 4th Annual Spelling Bee. The winners recently participated in the SEK Spelling Bee which was held on September 6 and 7.

Happy Vacation!

Congratulations to our seniors who graduated!!!
Please be advised that the first day of school will be MONDAY, AUGUST 6th, 2012.

Pan American International School

The Pan American International School presents its new website with a dynamic and youthful format, according to the principles of the institution.

Here you can find information about the school as infrastructure, history, academics, gallery of images and other data.

We hope you enjoy it!

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