Pan American International School is focused on educational outcomes rather than processes. We strive to produce highly educated graduates, speaking academic-level English, and prepared to attend university anywhere in the world. Our success at achieving this goal has been demonstrated over the years by the numerous scholarships and awards which our students have received. This year two of our current high school students, Sofie Magallanes and Julio Caballero have been selected for membership in the National Society for High School Scholars due to their outstanding academic performance. PAIS students have gone on to attend universities throughout the world. Click here (hyperlink to Alumni page) to see list of universities that PAIS alumni have attended.
PAIS participates in the standardized testing programs conducted by the Educational Records Bureau (ERB), which was founded in 1927, and is the only non-profit educational services organization providing assessments of independent and public schools. In 2015, PAIS ranked in the 53rd percentile of all schools that ERB rated. This means that PAIS, a school in which over 90% of the students are not native speakers of English, ranked higher than 53% of the rated schools in the United States. This is an incredible achievement and a testament to the quality of the education we provide.