• At PAIS all students become 100% fluent in the English language (Speaking, Reading and Writing)

  • At PAIS we put emphasis on physical growth through sports and emotional growth through responsibility.

  • PAIS graduates go to the finest universities, all over the world. Our record of student success is exceptional.

  • The five hectares of PAIS, its surrounded by nature is considered one of the best in Paraguay.

The school was founded in 1993 to be different than other private educational institutions in Paraguay. Often times in private schools in Paraguay, the parents of some students have undue influence on the daily operations of the school. Students of wealthier or politically-connected parents are allowed special privileges, while students which are not in the special group are often socially isolated. This atmosphere is not conducive to any student’s education, and has a particularly negative impact on the educational experience of foreign students, who find integration to be difficult due to the social stratification of the school. PAIS is an international school, which provides world class education in an egalitarian educational environment, where neither the social, political nor economic status of a student’s family affect the educational progress of that student or any of the student’s peers. Students are treated equally, and a student’s progress is based solely on the motivation of the student, and the merit of his/her work.