What I like about my school and its educational model is the level of English and the specific learning in different areas that students are getting through the years. The education system is different from other schools because all subjects are taught by different teachers and pupils move from class to class, like the university. Besides that, we have the opportunity to share with students of different nationalities. This year there are students from 23 countries.

The school is distinguished by not having an exaggerated number of students per class which helps students to have a better relationship with each other. There are classmates who have joined us from kindergarten through graduation and we keep a close relationship with peers who return to their countries of origin.

In addition to classes students participate in interscholastic events, annual competitions such as the Olympics Spelling Bee and Kangaroo. We also recently started a course in robotics from Carnegie Mellon University in USA.

Sofía Magallanes

I am a student at the Pan American School since I was very little; I started first grade here. This year I attend the ninth grade. The educational model of our school is very good in my opinion, and the instruction provided by our teachers is as well. The books in each class are very advanced and easy to understand.  As evidence I can say that we almost always have a winner at the Kanguro Olympics and at the Spelling bee. I love the atmosphere in the school. We have a pond, many trees and animals etc. What I also like is that we have different classrooms for each subject. The teachers are very friendly, and I consider them like second parents.

Something important is that in our school we have a special class for carpentry, and we make things out of wood, like ships and lamps. We also have a special class for cooking classes where we learn many things. Classes are held in a comfortable environment. We have two classes in the morning, then snack time comes. When snack time is over, we have 5 more classes before lunch time. Then three other classes and the day is over.

In addition to classes, students also have other activities such as “Family Color” which are sports practices among group of families, and we also participate in different community service programs like “Operation Smile” and “Solidarity Foundation”.

Our school is an international school and it means that we have opportunities to have foreign friends. It is a great opportunity to learn about other countries and their cultures.

Daniel Park